7M cam hall effect trigger kit


7M hall effect cam trigger kit ONLY

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Convert your 7M to a hall effect cam sensor. Please read all notes below!

CPS Plug available, currently only a steel freeze plug.

MUST have aluminum cam gears.

MUST have an alternator relocation. Can not use the factory alternator mount on the head, it must be removed. Currently working on a different setup to be able to use the factory alternator mount.

MUST have small body injectors IE: ID725cc-ID2000cc, newer small body FIC/FID 1000cc-2150cc. It has not been tested on older big body EV1/Bosch injectors.

Core charge:

Yes, you will be charged a refundable $200 deposit for your intake cam gear and cam gear backing plate and sent everything needed for your install. (Will have to verify which aluminum cam gear you have to see if I have one available for core.)

No, you will send in your intake cam gear and cam gear backing plate and will be modified once it’s received.



Install cam gear and backing plate, torque to TSRM spec.

Install sensor bracket (Temporary), make sure its is parallel to the cam gear or aiming slightly up if needed to gain more clearance of the injector with wiring.

Thread sensor to the cam gear until it gently touches the gear.

Remove sensor bracket (make sure not to turn the sensor while removing), back sensor out 1.5 turns once it is all the way off the head.

Tighten cam sensor nut to 15ft-lbs.

Install wiring harness to sensor, you should feel self locking dents built into the harness and tighten snuggly with your hand.

Install sensor bracket, run wiring along injector to where it will be going, it will be a tight fit around the injector but is ok.

Put supplied business card or a set of feeler gauges set to .050″ between cam gear and cam sensor and tighten the sensor bracket to 18ft-lbs.

The business card or feeler gauges are to not allow the sensor to move closer to the gear when torqueing the bracket to the head.

Wire the sensor to your computer or wiring harness. (Must verify wiring below)



1: Brown – 12v IGN switch or main relay

2: White – Output signal

3: Blue – Sensor ground

4: Black – Not used

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 12 x 1 in


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