7M Upgraded head washers


7M Upgraded head washers

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This kit is a complete kit for one head (14 washers)

The 7M motor has a bad name for blowing head gaskets.

The common fix is a new metal head gasket (MHG) and ARP studs. But even that has a problem in itself that not many people catch. The size of the ARP head washer that is provided compared to the stock one and then compared to my washer. Which is critical on any motor for being reliable and making power. This is critical because an over heated head usually gets annelid (softer then it was after being casted) which potentially allows the head washer to collapse into the head/head stud hole under power (higher cylinder pressures) taking all the clamping force away from the head gasket.

Here are the washer sizes in comparison:




The provided ARP washer is _% smaller then stock, making the SR-Fab washer __% bigger then stock and __% bigger then the provided ARP washers!

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 3 x 1 x 1 in


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